Mela Stevens, CHC, RYT, NBC-HWC

Mela is a nutrition and wellness counselor and writer. She works with individuals and groups around the country using Integrative Wellness Education and a great sense of humor to help them create better life balance.

Her specialties include assisting others in finding ways to manage stress and maintain overall strong health by looking at areas that may be off-balance including the environments of home, office, body, mind and spirit.

She has turned her own natural love of organizing into a De-Junking™ system that can help clients cut through the clutter of their living spaces and their lives.

Mela works virtually or on-site with a highly energized and individualized program that keeps people focused, on track, and accountable with amazing results.

In her own experience in this work, releasing clutter has consistently opened up space for so much more to enter and helps clients get unstuck from many other areas of their lives.

In addition to private practice, Mela teaches workshops in Manhattan and in upstate New York, as well as leading teleclass and email groups around the country on topics including but not limited to Organizing for What You Want to Accomplish, Restorative Yoga and Stretch and Meditation, and seasonal body detoxification and cleansing.

She has been a wellness coach and educator at IBM and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield among other corporations, at various regional spas and fitness centers, and universities including Vassar and Bard colleges. Mela has also been a Whole Foods and Wellness Contributing Editor to She holds a BA from Long Island University and is also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Mela is currently completing her first book, Your Whole Body Works, addressing how eating whole foods and balancing other key areas of life support optimal functioning and health. She lives in Rhinebeck, New York where you find her out walking most mornings.



Lisa Feiner, MBA, M.Ed., NBC-HWC

Lisa has been a holistic coach for almost ten years, helping clients create balance in their busy lives. Her varied interests have led her to study Shiatsu, and become a lay homeopath and Reiki Master.  In 2009 she began a year-long spiritual sabbatical, which included a 5-day silent retreat, taking classes on soul and intuitive healing, and meeting regularly with a spiritual teacher.   Writing a blog during this time allowed Lisa to share her experiences, process her mother’s unexpected illness and subsequent passing, and integrate what she has learned into everyday life and into the creation of a new branch of her coaching practice now called: Soul Gardening™

Earlier in her career, Lisa was a human resource manager and consultant.  Living in London for three years with her family provided an opportunity to learn about alternative therapies and to study with a Cordon-Bleu trained chef.   Upon returning to NY, Lisa’s desire to combine Eastern and Western philosophies in a healing modality led her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  For many years, Lisa has worked with a wide range of clients, some of whom suffer with major illnesses such as Lupus and MS.  Her use of stress-reduction techniques, meditation and energy healing has helped her clients to manage their health issues and  come to know their spiritual selves.  Lisa currently lives in Westchester, NY,  travels extensively,  and continues to cultivate her own soul garden in order to share her passion with her family, her students and her clients.


Gail Haun, MS, MCC, BCC, NBC-HWC

Founder of Potential Unlimited and co-founder of Ideal Health Partners, Gail specializes in personal, life and wellness coaching as well as providing training and consulting services to physician, dentist and counseling office interested in integrating wellness into their practices at a higher level. 

Gail is a certified personal and professional  life coach from Coach Training Institute in San Francisco and is master credentialed in coaching with the International Coaching Federation.

Gail also has her masters in nursing from the University of Colorado with an emphasis in education, and leadership. Serving as Senior Nurse Executive in acute care, she pioneered many innovative delivery systems that fostered collaborative practice, early empowerment models for health care practitioners.Gail works in private practice with adults who are seeking a more balanced, fulfilling life.  Among her areas of expertise are leadership development, creating a passionate life, financial health to wealth, career/life transitions, mind-body health and wellness.

Gail inspires everyone to awaken to their souls potential and through opening hearts, she creates a place for healing, reframing beliefs and releasing emotions stuck in memor

y and cells. She has trained extensively as a medical intuitive who is able to scan areas of blockage and facilitates an environment for the body to restore to harmony. Her gentle, compassionate way invites curiosity and new possibilities to make lasting change in ones life.

Nell Mason, CHC

Nellie is a spiritual lifestyle & wellness coach and educator whose focus is to help others create harmony, peace, and happiness in their lives.

As an ardent student of life and spiritual seeker, she has come to understand that everyone has the tools within them to find true joy by practicing Simple Awareness each day. It is this awareness, combined with spirituality, common sense, and daily inspiration that elevates us to a level within our lives where we can answer  our true calling.

Over the last 14 years, she has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their goals and ambitions. For eight of those years, she owned and operated two fitness centers and succeeded in actively encouraging scores of women to transform their lives for the better.

Still, Nellie was seeking even deeper ways to work with her clients and continued on a path of what she calls “living on purpose” which has become for her the antidote to the overwhelmed, stressful and disconnected lives we often find ourselves unconsciously living.  

What emerged from this experience was the creation of a 100-day Mindfulness practice designed to help those who are craving re-connection with self and spiritual life along with more clarity of mind and purpose. The Quantum Gong™ is offered as part of the  Quantum Coaching Soul-Centered Self-Care™ programming. 

In addition to her private coaching practice, Nellie also holds space and is the Support Specialist for our Quantum Coaches’ Community and Quantum Coaches in training.   She lives mindfully and consciously in Petersburg, NY with her husband and two children.



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