Do You Re-Member?

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This was the picture from my window this morning of the moody skyline of Manhattan… An expression of tempestuous emotions and energies that are still conjured by the events and memories of 9-11.

As the names were read for the 13th faithful year this morning and as the bells were rung to commemorate four fateful moments, we focused our collective attention and we Re-membered.

I write every year about 9-11… not just because I am a New Yorker, not just because it is a way of honoring the people I knew from my days of working at the World Trade Center or many of my neighbors who fell as heroes that day… but because I am part of the collective promise… to Re-member.

I once heard in a lecture a re-frame of the word “remember.”  That to engage in Re-Membering was literally the act of putting ourselves- the “members” of our body, mind and spirit back together again as a process of personal growth.

There are some spiritual paths that believe the whole of our lives are designed to help us re-member and come back to the fullness of who we are. Some say that the moment we are born into humanity, we forget our divinity and begin a journey of reconnecting with all of who we are and have been.

If this is true, or even sounds like something we might consider, then what are we doing every day about re-membering ourselves, our communities, our world?

As Coaches, our ability to consider the fullness of who we are…whole, resourceful, even divine despite whether or not we have got it all figured out yet, makes a big difference in how we help support others.

When you see your clients as whole, resilient, resourceful, capable and creative, they will have a better chance at Re-membering who they are and what is possible for them. Our job includes holding a vision of their greatness until they can see it themselves.  When you help them take those tiny steps and your clients begin build their confidence and faith in themselves, you are not only helping them, you are helping yourself to re-member as well…. and you are helping raise the vibration of the planet.

This is something to consider on days when you forget why you do this work, or it does not seem to be going well, or no one is signing up for your workshops. If you get discouraged seeing how challenging the world can be and what horrors we have seen and continue to witness in the world,  bring your focus back to your own heart and on what you can do to Re-Member each day and help others do the same.

9-11 happened to everyone, yet, here in NYC, there is not one street you walk down where you won’t find a sign, a bumper sticker, a mural that reminds you to “Never Forget.” For me, these serve as a reminder of all that is good about us and that broken hearts let more light shine through.

As this year’s ceremony winds down and the last of the names are being read, the sun is emerging from behind the clouds. Today, I Re-member human resilience and the capacity to transcend the most difficult of days. I Re-member the vulnerability of humans and what courage there can be to face our fears, be truly brave and persevere… and I Re-member all this lives within you and me, too.

Going Quantum With You,















I think of the collective energy focused in this moment on a promise made in those days following this tremendous loss of life:  We will Never Forget.

Indeed there is not a block you can walk down in New York City without seeing a sign, a bumper sticker or a store window decal… that reminds of the promise: Never Forget.

I remember that day. Where I was. What I felt. Having once worked at the World Trade Center