If you are looking for a small-group, highly interactive, skill-boosting course Quantum Coaching Essentials™ is designed just for you. It is a Game-Changer. You will never coach the same way again once you begin on this journey of mastering a full range of professional skills that will become the foundation of your work.

Perhaps you are a coach who yearns to “go deeper” with your clients. You are interested in more than the surface results for your clients. You want to know more about the “why’s” and about how to get your clients get unstuck and stay in the flow.

You may get a little stuck yourself on what to ask next. How do you handle it when your clients are dealing with the same things you are and you are unsure how to guide them?

Have you ever felt the pressure to deliver amazing results- breakthroughs- aha’s -transformation?
This can be discouraging when clients client’s can’t even seem to stay on track. And then you feel like a bad coach. Right?

These are real issues coaches face every day that happen to have real solutions. 

Quantum Coaching Essentials™ gives you those solutions. We not only teach you critical client-centered techniques and strategies, but you will practice them with yourselves, each other and with your clients right away! You will get priceless demonstrations and get two levels of feedback throughout the program.


Quantum Coaching Essentials™ offers an incredible Training Certification Experience along with ongoing support to quite simply help you be the sought-after Coach you were meant to be!

In my 20+ years in this profession, I have learned that in order to truly succeed as a coach we need to bring THREE pivotal elements to the table for ourselves and our clients:


This means not only do we need to know what to do and how to do it (many people already do)… but we need to help our clients identify the significance of what they want and to TRANSCEND the reasons and limiting beliefs they know are keeping them from moving ahead with their lives. This is how they find the confidence to take their leaps and lean into their learning and growth.


The real work begins when our INTENTIONS spark ACTION and TRUE, LASTING CHANGE.



Build Your Confidence! Build a Solid Foundation!

We help you create a solid base of the essential tools every coach must have. Then we show you how to tap your own intuitive processes so you can really tune into your clients and soar!


You are Your First Client… 

If you have ever wondered how you can coach someone effectively while you are still struggling with your own issues, get ready to let that limitation go! Quantum Coaching™ is all about  walking your talk alongside the client and understanding the power of healing reciprocity.  The more you commit to your own journey, the more your level of empathy and compassion grow and the better coach you become.  

NOTE: We did not say you have to perfect yourself, know it all or be all better, or have it all figured out. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

It is your ability to embrace your perceived limitations that will set you apart as a coach and will help you and your clients find the personal freedom they have been seeking. The processes we teach in Quantum Coaching help you do just this! 


Do I Have to Have Clients to Participate?

No. Even if you don’t currently have clients,  there are opportunities to practice what you learn in class and with buddy coaching as well. Nothing builds your confidence faster then getting out there and taking your new skills for a spin! You will gain the confidence you need to get out there and get those clients who are waiting for you! 


Guide Your Clients to Lasting Change and a Life of Excellence:

It is not enough to help someone simply understand “why” something is happening or “why” they don’t follow through when they so desperately say they want change. Lasting Change and Transformation happens on multiple levels where “action meets intention” and at the same time, connected to deeper meaning and significance. We know willpower alone rarely lasts.

Here are just some key features of the Quantum Coaching Essentials Training Program™

  • The Eight Quantum Key Relationships System creates an experience that is both healing and unique in helping clients shift out of “victim-thinking” and empower themselves.

  • The Distractor Factorsinclude anything in our lives we allow to take our eyes off the prize of reaching our goals. Help clients identify and shift these patterns that derail us from the single-minded focus required to get the job done.

  • The 12 Facets of Transformation & The EGO-TO-GO Process helps clients reconnect with themselves on a deeper level, to drop the masks that hide their true nature, to challenge their beliefs, to get through recurring internal blocks, to build momentum & motivation and offer true accountability.

  • The More Work You Do, The More Work You Can Do.
    Coaches who consistently engage in their own personal work are the most attractive to potential clients who are drawn to work with authentic coaches who are “real” and who “get them.”

  • Soul-Sourced Self-Care for Coaches: Learn how to walk-your-talk in a gentle way that models success for your clients and helps you connect with your authenticity. This supports your coaching at every turn, expands your empathy exponentially, and just, well makes you feel better!  It is also the best way we know to build Resiliency for the coach!

These are all reasons why Quantum Coaching Essentials Training requires coaches to experience the very same processes they will be using with their clients. This creates ease and connection in their coaching and helps them work from an intuitive and consciously connected place. From here they can meet their clients where they are and co-create an experience that keeps the client front and center where they belong. 

We’re All About Getting to Know You!
We work together in small groups (10-12) in 90-120 minute sessions over the span of 5-month training… This will give your coaching the momentum you need to take your practice to the next level.  

Let me share with you the best of my 20+ years of coaching and training experience, including current international coaching standards, ethics and practices of the International Coaching Federation.  During 18-weeks of instruction, you will learn and practice key skills immediately with yourself and with your clients and have the benefit of a small group format where you can ask questions, get feedback and see great coaching in action. If you are truly serious about being a health and wellness coach, it is time to get the fundamental and advanced training you need to master your progression and coach with confidence and skill.

Join An Amazing Support Community

Once this program is over, we don’t leave you high and dry! There are continued opportunities to connect with an amazing community of coaches who “Get” why Quantum Coaching is the best way to work more deeply with your clients. Join our monthly support call for Certified Quantum Coaches and ongoing coach’s forum. Here you will receive ongoing education, training, mentoring and connection from me and other mentor coaches with specialties in other areas. You will also get opportunities for advanced training as well.


We begin by exploring your role as coach, and look at current standards, practices and proficiencies you must possess to coach well:

  • Expand your role as coach and co-journeyer with clients.
  • Create the Quality “container” necessary for clients to make real progress.
  • Learn the Quantum Questions™ that will shift clients the fastest.
  • Actively listen. Really, Actively Listen and Reflect and powerfully Reframe
  • Let go of your tendencies to fix…..everything!
  • Use mirroring as a springboard to deepen your practice
  • Learn high-impact techniques based on years of proven theories and cognitive behavioral, psychological and human potential research.

Do you know when a goal is the right one? Are you clear how to set recommendations for maximum follow through. How do you handle it when a client quits or wants to quit or begins to sabotage themselves?

  • Set SMART goals and co-create meaningful recommendations that match your client personality
  • Learn the Readiness for Change Model and how to assess if a client is indeed ready to work with you.
  • Learn the best way to work with “difficult or resistant clients” or situations.
  • Be clear when and how to set up strategies to refer clients for additional support.

As the coach, you will also learn to:

  • Take AIM- Use your own Alignment and Integrity to Move yourself and your clients.
  • Turn up the volume on your inner voice, insight and intuition.
  • Be able to bring real situations to a highly interactive discussion and go away with real solutions and strategies.
  • Learn about Industry Standards for Coaching Proficiencies, Ethics and Rules of Conduct.
  • Learn how to make effective referrals when necessary.

As we move forward, you will:

  • Explore the Core Wounds and Distractor Factors™ that create patterns of non-serving behaviors & self-sabotage.
  • Help clients move past limiting beliefs
  • Understand the true nature of why clients have an underlying feeling they are
    “Not Good Enough”
  • The Basics of working with Projection, Shame and Shadow
  • Learn to see and work with various aspects of yourself
  • Identify stuck areas as they refer to core wounds and unravel seemingly permanent patterns of behavior.
  • Learn why core wounds and old shame drives poor decisions and how to retrain ourselves
  • Help clients create “Compassionate Boundaries” in toxic relationships
  • Be able to bring real case studies to a highly interactive discussion and go away with real solutions and strategies.


  • You will hear Coaching Demos and Practice the skills you are learning live on the call!
  • You will be able to ask questions and get answers from me during and between sessions!
  • We are always in a small group (limited to 10-12) so you get the individualized attention
    you need!
  • You will have short assignments and have access to a unique online journaling platform where you will be able to connect and talk to other participants, submit assignments and download useful materials.


Part One: COACHING 101:  

Learn the skills that serve as the foundational work for coaching. Cover all the Core Competencies established by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Part Two: The Distractor Factors™  

How does our Story keep us stuck and help us play the Victim?  How do we manage the client who seems resistant to change when they say they want it? What is really going on when clients are procrastinating, or unable to make progress? How do you help them get out of “victim-speak,” release their gremlins, look behind their masks and use their stories to propel them forward?

When you understand the underlying commitments your clients have to their limiting beliefs, you can help them gain awareness and get free!

Part Three: Motivation Mojo™

Help your clients get and stay motivated in a minute by helping them challenge their limiting beliefs. Let motivation naturally emerge when clients learn how create a direct line between their passion and purpose and the goal at hand. 

Part Four: Coachable Inroads – Going Within™

These powerful four sessions will help you discern how to follow the clients lead, how their very own circumstances can help you co-create the coaching relationship. Learn about the KEY RELATIONSHIPS that shape your client’s lives. Help them inventory all the ways in which their energy is being misdirected and help them take back their power.

Understand your role as a coach in a whole new light as you learn to build resiliency and make Soul-Centered-Self Care a cornerstone of your practice!

Part Five: The DeJunk DispatchThis extraordinary 5-week journey will free you in untold ways. Begin to create physical space in your environment and allow that to take hold in the remaining Key Relationship Relationships. Add onto your own model for coaching and program offerings with this powerful coaching program model.  (Guest Instructor: Mela Stevens, CHC)

Part Six: Soul Gardening After the space-clearing of the DeJunk Dispatch, be ready to receive the gifts of this 5-week program that will direct your focus within to experience the most powerful Spiritual Coaching and Practice skills you can cultivate with yourself and with your clients. Learn how to have meaningful conversations with clients and help guide them on their path to deeper meaning and new horizons for their own journeys ahead. 

Part Seven: Coaching Practicum (6 sessions concurrent with sessions 5 & 6)  This culminating Experience will integrate all our learning and focus on live coaching practice and feedback. See the pieces of what you have learned thus far be put into place, troubleshoot your coaching rough spots and coach on a new level, learn coaching process maps to guide you as you move forward into navigating an even more powerful coaching experience for your clients.

Here’s what recent participants are saying:

Marilena’s courses are never cookie-cutter classes. You never feel like she’s just going through the motions, running you throughthe content. Instead, she adapts to what the class needs and to your personal challenges, creating a powerful, safe class environment.


The handouts that include actual questions that I can use with clients are gold to me. Being able to refer to those questions (and meditations and exercises) have already been a huge help to me as I move forward.


 - Paige Lysaght, Virginia Health Coaching


It really is what the name implies…a leap beyond the basic coaching that is taught, even by the best basic coaching certification schools.


- Judy Cummins, Creative and Healing Hearts


This course not only gives you more confidence and skills as a coach, it provides you with the tools and opportunity to go beyond mediocrity and experience personal transformation in the process.


- Janet Dean, Health Coach


Marilena is truly a master at asking the tough questions, listening and guiding you to achieve your goals. Thank you, Marilena for being the absolute catalyst in my life. Your support and candor is helping me move forward with confidence. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for your unconditional support during this course. Thank you for making me a better



- Christine Boutross, HHC, Health Coach & Personal Trainer


COURSE DATES:  Begins January 20, 2014

Time: 7:30- 9:30 EST (all Calls Recorded)

First 8 weeks of Instruction: Mondays and Thursdays 7:30-9:30 pm EST
Last 10 weeks of Instruction: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 pm EST


-60 hours of LIVE training plus 20 hours of additional recorded bonuses
-Training Manual
-Interactive On-line Community and Journaling Platform
-Forms to use with your clients (co-branded upon certification)
-Certification as a Quantum Coach (with successful completion of course) including Logo to display on your website and other promotional materials
-Copy of Quantum Coaching Questions (plus six hours Book Club Audio Program)
-Soul-Centered Self-Care™ for coaches (8-hour Downloadable Audio Program & Guide)
-Membership in the Quantum Coach’s Connection Circle (Including opportunities for additional continuing education & mentorship)



REGULAR TUITION: $4350      Currently Available at Economy-Busting Price of $3997

Payment Options:

-Pay one time
-6 payments
-Or try our Popular Payment Flex Program*
(You determine your payments spread over 18 months with NO additional fees or interest)  

Email Marilena@quantumcoachingmethod.com for more info or to discuss other payment options.