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Are you committed to being a coach but not so sure about being an entrepreneur?  To have a successful private practice requires not only working “in” your practice, but “on” your practice.

  • If you are unsure of the benefits of target marketing and what niche is best for you…
  • If you are not confident in how to create powerful programs that will enroll your clients easily…
  • If your elevator speech gets stuck in your throat…
  • If you are cringing at the idea of marketing yourself or of being too “salesy” and you want a more soul-centered approach to creating your practice..

If you are craving a heart and soul-centered business coach who goes deeper and can help you work through your fears and limiting beliefs while also helping you express your authentic self through your practice

Then, we should talk! 

 The Quantum Difference…

You are a coach… a specialist in lifestyle and behavior change. You help your clients get unstuck and stay unstuck. You walk alongside them on the journey toward their goals. You hold a safe space where they can dare to be and celebrate their authentic selves.  You help them dream bigger for themselves than they ever dared to!
This is sacred work. This is your work… your calling.
You are a coach!

Quantum Business Building takes an Inside-Out approach to Personal Branding to create the practice you desire that will attract your ideal clients.

What is a Personal Brand?

What makes you Uniquely You as a coach and in your life? These authentic qualities are the very ones that clients are attracted to when deciding on who to hire to support  and inspire them.

We cut through the marketing jargon and get to the heart of the matter so that you can position yourself well to do work you have been called to do so passionately.


THE A B C D E System of Quantum Business Building ™

Here are the Building Blocks of creating a strong foundation for your coaching practice. Whether you are working in groups, one-on-one or as part of someone else’s practice, you need to know Who You Are, What You Offer and How to Tell the World about it.

  • ALIGN: Connect who you are with what you do!  Voice your passion and uncover your authentic story in a way that deeply attracts and emotionally connects with potential clients and your Target Market.
  • BRAND: Leverage your strengths to create a powerful personal brand that connects with your potential clients. Articulate your values, services and products.
  • COMMUNICATE: Create a marketing and communications strategy to help you build and and consistently engage a community who is interested in what you have to offer them. Learn the best ways for you to get the word out about your services and products.
  • DEVELOP: Create strategies to address the “Three R’s” of sustaining momentum in your practice: Recruitment,  Retention and Renewals. 
  • EVOLVE: Find your learning edge… clarify your stuckness around knowing enough and knowing your worth. Work through limiting beliefs and build your confidence.  Be freed up to have a soul-sourced practice that reflects your journey, your gifts and your passion!



ALL participants will be given access to the 360 REACH Survey® This amazing online tool allows you to take a snapshot of how the world views you. It is a completely anonymous survey that helps you get feedback from everyone you know so you can leverage your strengths (and even your perceived weaknesses) to position your personal brand.

Are You a Motivator? A Leader? A Nurturer? Included in your program is a one-to-one follow-up consultation to review your 24-page report summarizing your results. Understand your Personal Brand Persona and your strengths as a coach and leader.

*Marilena is a Certified Reach Brand Strategist who can help you interpret these results powerfully!

360°Reach is the first and leading web-based personal brand assessment that helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those around you. It gives you the critical feedback you need so you can expand your career or business success. It’s an integral part of the personal branding process and an indispensable tool for thriving in today’s professional environment.

Don’t let the “Business” or “Marketing” part of creating a practice keep you from delivering your greatness to the world! You are called to do this work for a reason.. Now let’s get to it!


Quantum Biz Building ™ Programs

Level 1: Get Unstuck 


(This level is perfect for coaches who are newly certified or have not been able to get their practice up and running.  Coaches in this group will likely have had experience with 0-5 clients.)   

We will focus on:

> Identifying your Target Market & Ideal Client

> Clarifying your Vision

> Creating Your Unique Promise of Value as Coach

>Aligning your Values with your Practice Offerings

>Honing in on your Top Three Client Deliverables

>Naming your Practice (plus aligning email, url, *website, etc.)

>Mastering your Elevator Speech

>Solidifying Program/Product Offerings/Menu

> Uncover your Compelling Story &
Creating a Professional Profile/Client Connect Bio

> Communicating with Potential Clients

> Practicalities around closing the deal, pricing, scheduling,
time management, giving talks,

> Strategic Marketing Planning including beginning to develop potential referral/strategic partners,  Getting initial consultations, Positioning yourself in the marketplace.

>Closing the Deal Naturally without Being “Salesy”

>Handling your “Distractor Factors,” Limiting Beliefs & Building Your Confidence


*Website Design Referral Available

 8 sessions $1200*

12 sessions $1599*

(Plans available on flex-pay. Fits every budget.)


(This level is ideal for coaches who have experience with up to 10 clients or who feel they have proficiency with level one.)

We Will Focus on:

>Mastering the THREE R’s:  Recruitment,  Retention and Renewed Engagement

> Aligning your Content (communications)

with your ideal Target Market

> Creating  Social Media Presence

> Writing the Signature Talk

>Free Offering for List Building

> Creating Signature Platform and Programs

>Troubleshooting  old re-emerging Patterns including
your Money Story

>Feedback for new ideas as they develop.

>Ways to consistently and gently handle procrastination,
perfectionism and other blocks to your success.

>Follow-Up to your 360 Survey:
How to become more digitally distinct. (Take this test and find out!)

I am digitally distinct! Visit

>Coaching Techniques including phone vs in person Coaching,

>Working with Groups vs One-To-One


8 sessions $995*

12 sessions $1440*

(Plans available on flex-pay. Fits every budget.)


(This level is ideal for coaches who have experience with 26+ clients)

You set the agenda.

Where do you need support, accountability?

Troubleshooting, Visioning

Revisit Your Strategic Plan and analyze your Return on Investment.

Personal Energy Management


8 sessions $995*

12 sessions $1440*

(Plans available on flex-pay. Fits every budget.)



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