Quantum DeJunk-A-Palooza™

(a different kind of detox weekend retreat)




Wherever the clutter is in your life, this intentional journey will help you clear the decks and make room for what is awaiting you for the rest of your life! You can listen to another lecture or you can get to work..… get ready to take action!



When is the last time you really saw the top of your desk? Are you holding on to email, old magazines, or clothes that don’t fit? Have you ever missed paying a bill on time? Does your fridge reflect your healthy lifetyle? Could you stand to get rid of some stinkin’ thinkin’?

Your clutter piles, wherever they may be, are a major Distractor Factor™ and are constantly draining your energy whether you are aware of this or not! Can’t you feel it every time you see them? What we know for sure?  When you clear them up… and handle the patterns that created them in the first place, you clear the path to having the flow you desire in your life and in your practice.



The DeJunking™ Process is more than just organizing. It is a systematic approach and a critical piece of the Quantum Coaching Method™ that can change your life!




  • STRUCTURE AND SUPORT: We will hold the space for you for 24 hours.. Imagine what you can do with that time? We guide you gently through this prices WIth specially timed INTEGRITY INTERVALS. Not sure where to start? We will help you figure all that out.. and keep you going when you want to quit!


  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Our work intervals are intentionally timed to help keep your momentum going at points where in the past you might have thrown in the towel. Have the energy and accountability of two master coaches and the entire group with absolutely no shame… no blame… no judgement.. trust us.. we all have our stuff!


  • GROUP PROCESSING: You will be given the tools to work through the feelings that sometimes get stirred up when we try to release the stuff of our lives. Chaos and stuckness on the inside is often reflected in our outer environments.  If you simply clear clutter without handling the associated feelings, the clutter will come back! Work through the “What if” piles of old articles, workshop notes, books. Make decisions about how best to handle items with emotional ties to parents, children and other loved ones. Move toward creating the environment in which you want to live/work that is a reflection of you and all that inspires! 




Experience the feeling of freedom that releasing your clutter can bring. Let us support you in letting go of what is no longer serving you! You will raise your energy levels to new heights… and even build your confidence both of which you can harness and direct into the vision and goals on which YOU choose to focus! PLUS! You will learn a technique that you can carry forward to create space for anything you want!

Are you Imagining What is Possible? We Are!


-Pre-Event Planning/Prep Guide

-Two One-Hour Teleclasses (Kickoff on Friday Evening/ Celebration Call Sunday Evening-both calls are recorded)

-Twelve live coaching check-in calls every 2.5 hours   (participate in as many hours as you like or can- that means- You can join in any time you like.. if you need to step away to do other tasks, you can rejoin any time you like)

-A technique that will last a lifetime!



Program Investment: $97 REGISTER NOW!

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Q. I cannot participate for two full days. Will it still benefit me to participate? 

A. We encourage everyone to participate as much as possible but this event is designed to work around your life.
Need to take a break? Have other things you must do?  No problem. You can participate in as little as one day or even two half-days and still reap major benefits from this event. (However, we will warn you: You will get hooked and want to participate in as many segments as you can!)

Q. What if I am too overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

A. Well, that has been part of the problem all along? Right?

One of the most powerful parts of this process is that we help you break down the pile (or the mountain). We start small and build from there. We help you see what needs to be done with new eyes and develop a winning strategy that will help you build momentum until the job is done.

Q. What if my project is too big for one weekend?

A. With the techniques we share with you,  you will be able to continue working long after the weekend.

Many participants buddy up and continue to get support after the weekend. Several even return for multiple weekends. This is why we have created a Frequent DeJunker Program- attend three weekends and the fourth one is on us!

Q. What happens after the weekend?  

A. We encourage participants to continue to support one another.

We leave the private Facebook page open so that the sharing and encouragement can continue.

Q. Can’t you just send me the guidelines and I can figure it out?  

A. As you have already probably gathered, the main benefits of this weekend come from the experience of the facilitated sessions and the “doing” of the work with small- group support. 

During check-in calls, we debrief what obstacles and challenges come up. As we work through these, momentum continues to build, and you will absolutely do more as part of the event than you would likely do on your own. The techniques we share are solidly learned in the sharing of the experience. By the end of the event, you will have really internalized the subtleties of the work and then can continue on your own.

Q. Are only coaches eligible to participate or can I bring a friend?

A. Absolutely, we welcome everyone!

While many times coaches are focusing on the same issues: their desks, their paper piles, etc., we find clutter seems to bring with it some universal themes for everyone.. not only solo-preneurs.

Q. Is this really life-changing?

A. That is what we hear from our participants time and again! (see some of their comments below)

Think of it this way. How long has clutter been a part of your life? What energy is tied up in your piles? Does it seem too daunting to get completed? Do you get started and then quit feeling discouraged? Do you promise to get back to it and not look at it again for 6 months?

This is a priceless opportunity to get through it with no distraction, no shame and to look at what the newly found space opens up for you.

Imagine waking up on Monday with a clear desk, floor, countertop, your papers filed, your closet not attacking you when you open the door. What would be freed up for you?

Now, think about your clients? Where do they have clutter in their lives? Do they have lateral clutter: Weight to lose? Money challenges? There are no accidents there. This is why DeJunking is a critical part of the coaching skills we share in the Quantum Coaching Method. We know this process is an entry point to deeper work with ourselves and our clients. 



Here is what they had to say!

I feel like I made sacred some space within me, and around me, this weekend with this amazing program to more fully receive that which my soul desires.  Thank-you Marilena Minucci and Mela Stevens and all the amazing dejunking warriors. It’s fun; it works and it’s transformational.  It makes the impossible possible.

–Penny Smyth, Health Coach/ human BEing 🙂 New Beginnings Health and Wellness Coaching

I absolutely loved Marilena’s DeJunk-A-Palooza. So many miracles and breakthroughs occurred during the weekend. The support of Marilena and my fellow De-Junkers helped me to stay on task, stay focused, move tons of junk and to see the fruits of my labor. The group calls were very empowering and nurturing. Not only did I get rid of stuff, but I also De-Junked an energy vampire relationship that needed to leave my life. I never said anything to her. Once I got clear on all the energy that was being sucked up by what was no longer serving me, she just moved out of my life within a short period of time after the weekend. I highly recommend this event! You will be freed up on so many levels and leave feeling energized in unexpected ways!

–Jane Stinson, LMT, CHC

Moving real junk out of my house, was a small part of this experience for me. I learned and relearned so much more on energetic, emotional, and spiritual levels. I just want more!!  I can do anything with a chunked-down plan and patience, honor, and gentleness to myself.  I don’t need to hold onto things, feelings of shame, guilt or worthlessness, anymore.  I DeJunked them this weekend!

–Jo Anne K. RichardsCHHC Whole Wellness, LLC

Dejunking will change your life!  I learned unexpected lessons during the process.  I learned that when things come up, I need to be gentle with myself.  Everyone on the call was able to speak and get the support they needed.  You exceeded my expectations. Both Marilena and Mela gave so much of themselves. Their inspiring words of encouragement were just what everyone needed.

–Christine Boutross Personal Trainer /Health Coach

Do it!  It will change your perspective and lighten your load!  I loved the energy!

–Judy Cummins Soul Whisperer Creative and Healing Hearts

It is life changing.  You don’t feel alone.  It is such a soothing and gentle– yet moving process.

–June Nies, CHHC,  AADP

If you feel you have any type of clutter, and you’re looking for a process that works, be sure to join Marilena on her next DeJunking Journey.  It’s easy, and there’s so much support you find yourself propelled to complete your goals. I was expecting to start the process, and I accomplished so much more than I hoped. Wonderful experience and so worth the time and effort. 

–Alice Cale Director, CHC New England Integrative Health Counseling

This highlights the necessity of regular emotional processing whenever I resist doing something.  This was the biggest aha for me: the connection between physical clutter and being stuck in life.  It’s not inevitable, and now I see how I can handle it!

–Robin Pruitt, Health Coach


Program Investment: $97 REGISTER NOW!


  • REGISTER: Once you register, within 48 hours, you will receive a DeJunking Inventory to prepare for the week ahead, call info & schedule and be added to our private Facebook Page. 
  • KICKOFF TELECLASS: Friday, 8 PM EST with full directions for the process and measuring your DEJUNK™ Success (Live call recorded and emailed to you)
  • JOIN US LIVE: Sat and Sun 9am EST to 9pm EST with Virtual Check in by phone and Private Facebook Group every 2.5 hours (You can participate in as many or few segments as you like)


Your Facilitator:  Marilena Minucci, MS, CHC, NBC-HWC, Creator, QuantumCoaching Method™


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