The Quantum Path Toward Becoming a
Certified Coach with the NBHWC

Welcome Coach!

Are you getting ready to take the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching’s (NBHWC) Exam?   Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the material and how to cover it all? Do you have a plan? Do you have support? We will walk with you right up until testing day!

Marilena created this program for all her students who were feeling stressed about how to tackle the exam prep! She has put hundreds of hours into preparing this material and our coaches felt more confident than they could have ever imagined going into the first exam.

We have decided to open this up for other coaches who do not have the same level of support. We invite you to walk the prep path with us as we systematically cover the concepts, skills and knowledge base you are required to review in order to be successful in earning this credential.

We are currently enrolling coaches who are planning to sit for the February, 2020, October 2020 and February 2021 exams. You can meet, connect and share with them through our Facebook study group.

This 44-hour program (28 recorded hours + an additional 16 self-study hours) will cover all the material you need to know, help you relax, create a test-taking strategy and feel supported all along the study path!

In addition to the basics, we offer you additional support material: video clips, additional handouts, helpful summaries, sample quizzes and stress relievers to test your knowledge and support you along the way.

You’ve got this… and we have got your back!

Here is what you get and how it works:

I. 14 Review Sessions
(covering Coaching Structure, Coaching Process & Legalities & Ethics)

Each Session Module Includes:

  • A 2-hour downloadable recording… listen on the go… or sitting at your desk. (A total of 28 Hours)
  • An extensive 30-60 page discussion guide per session (follow along with the recording) including Marilena’s Personal Reading Summaries from the 12 recommended coaching text books.  (provided in both Word and PDF formats) Over 400 pages of notes!
  • Quantum Quiz with multiple question to test your knowledge as you go!
  • Additional Helpful Videos and Resources designed to help you deepen your understanding and application of key concepts and coaching skills.
  • See the more detailed session outline below! 
PLUS There are two additional 2-hour Bonus Wrap-Up Summary Call Recordings for a total of 32 recorded hours of review material.

II: 8 Additional Guided Review Sessions on Healthy LifeStyle Basics
Each session includes:
  • An internet study map for each session
  • Marilena’s Personal Reading Summaries 
  • A Quantum Quiz to put your knowledge to the test!

PLUS:  A Comprehensive Summary of all the biomarker numbers you need to know!


III: 5 Weeks of LIVE Review Calls
The five weeks before the exam opening date, we will hold 5 live weekly calls to “review the review!” Bring any questions! We will do an overview as well as discuss specific test-taking strategies and stress reduction to walk you right up to exam day. All these calls are recorded for you and will be made available to you through the course platform.
PLUS: ALL review calls from the previous exams have also been recorded and are also available to you on the course platform for additional listening. 


IV: Support

Have a question? Want to connect with other enrolled coaches who are sitting for the exam? Join our private Facebook Study Group. You will have access to other coaches as well as course organizers to help support you. Of course, you can email Marilena any time for support.( 

Thoughts from Coaches in the Course:

-Thank you very much! The way the information was presented as well as your calm supportive presence on the calls has helped me not only feel prepared for the certification exam, but has eased my spirit. I don’t think I would have known where to begin studying if I didn’t have this course. It was organized and well paced. The information that was taught has made be more confident in my ability to pass the test and has also helped me become a better coach.  I very much appreciate you and the time you spent doing this course. I highly recommend anyone who is going to take the certification to take this review course. You will be so grateful you did.  

  –Cassandra Herbert, MS, APRN/PMH-BC,ANH-BC, Holistic Nurse,
Psychotherapist/Health and Wellness Educator/Healthy Eating Coach
I have really enjoyed you and your style; accessible, relatable, professional, thorough. The course was an opportunity for very in-depth learning and many thoughtful perspectives on a vast amount of material.  No matter the outcome, at least I know I gave it my best shot. As I tell my athletes, at some point you just have to trust your training. Glad I had yours in my arsenal.
–Amy Tardio ACC,MGCP, CPC, Personal Coaching/
Wellness Coaching/ Performance Coaching
Here are some recent comments from our Facebook group members!
-Thank you Marilena for all you are doing. These sessions are invaluable!
-I just got caught up on the recordings. Wow, what great content Marilena. So appreciate your time and expertise in organizing all of this info for us! Invaluable and so are you!
-Amen– it is incredible! Love listening to the recordings.
-Thank you, Marilena for not only helping me pass the exam, but for helping me to become a better coach. I learned so much from you and use it each and every day. I appreciate you so much!

-I passed! Thank you SO SO much, Marilena for such an amazing support/ study program! 

-Marilena, thank you deeply for the depth and quality of the review that you have created. And my gratitude as well to those that are able to be live on the calls and ask such great questions and share your experiences that deepen our topics.

-Thanks so much, Marilena and the support of everyone here! This is the perfect prep course to PASS this test!! Providing an amazing amount of information!

We will be happy to provide you with a sample recording and review materials so you will be confident in your decision to move forward… or feel free to contact Marilena Minucci with any questions:

You’re almost there!
1) Please remit payment for tuition (see link below).
2) You should immediately be connected to our course agreement. Please sign off and once processed you will get access to our course platform where you can create your own login and join the course.
3) You will also receive an welcome email with an invitation to connect with the Facebook course group (Facebook Group is optional)

REGISTER HERE: Course Tuition $397

Or Monthly Installments:



Sessions 1 & 2 Coaching Structure 

  • Coach preparation prior to session
  • First session or before begin
  • Early (typically in the first, second or other early session)
  • Routine follow-up sessions
  • Coaching program termination
Sessions 3-12 Coaching Process
  • Client-centered relationship
  • Trust & rapport
  • Active listening and presence
  • Client emotions and energy
  • Reflections
  • Expand the conversation
  • Focus and refocus the conversation
  • Assist client to find and utilize resources
  • Goals and implementing action
  • Client awareness, perspective shifts and insights
  • Client’s freedom of choice, autonomy, and intrinsic motivation
  • Client self-efficacy
  • Improve support
  • Client active experimentation and self-discovery
  • Increase positive psychological resources

Session 13-14 Ethics

  • Professional Conduct
  • Legal considerations
Sessions H-1 to H-8
  • Healthy Lifestyle Basics


Marilena Minucci is offering this program independently of the NBHWC.

Quantum Coaching Method’s Coaching Essentials™ is an approved transitional training program of the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching. We have no special knowledge of the exam and will be following study guidelines given by the NBHWC and the National Board of Medical Examiners.

Enrollment in this course guarantees no specific exam outcome. Individual performance on the exam remains strictly the responsibility of the enrollee.

Questions? Please contact