Marilena had an amazing knack for zoning in on my passion and what was needed to grow my business. She is compassionate and intelligent which is a perfect balance. I highly recommend her as a Wellness Coach (she was my mentor at IIN in my immersion program and has since continued as my business coach. I can guarantee that you will have a fantastic experience.

Leslie Hadley , CHC
Every BODY Wellness

Marilena has helped me get clear as to my core passion that sits in my belly. As a health counselor, I had been a generalist, yielding very little in returned revenues. Marilena had a vision for me after hearing me lecture on bone health at a retreat with health counselors. I have since created Food for Healthy Bones: helping women understand the direct link between the foods they eat and the health of their bones. Our work went further with her Quantum Coaching techniques. There have been many ah-ha moments for me working with Marilena. She teaches and then she sets you free with your new life’s tools. What could be better than that?

Irma Jennings, CHC, AADP
Founder, Food for Healthy Bones

Since working with Marilena as my Wellness Coach, my life has changed!.
She has helped me find my voice. I have never felt more empowered as I have now since our working together. She is compassionate, kind, shows tough love when I need it and has helped me move forward into a happier and healthier life. I feel honored and blessed to have found Marilena. She has helped me finally start living my life to the fullest.

Christine Boutross, AADP, HHC
Holistic Health Coach

Marilena helps me make my goals a reality. She not only works with the vital practical next-steps of how to make my business all that it can be, but she also works with me as a whole person to support me in being all that I can be. She is wise, supportive and always right on target. She can see the big external picture at the same time as seeing the deep internal picture, what a gift!

Nina Manolson, MA, LMT, CHHC
Body Alive, Body Aware

In working with Marilena, I found her style to be refreshingly unique. She not only cared about was good for my business, but also about what was good for me; creating forward movement as an inside-out job.

Alyse Rynor, LCSW
Soul Choices Counseling

Before I started working with Marilena as my personal and professional coach, I was all over the place. I had great ideas and lots of potential but I didn’t know how to “get it all together” and stay on track. After working with Marilena for just a few sessions I had gained clarity and focus that had eluded me for years prior. Now I know that I can maintain my vision and reach my goals.

Marilena is a warm and genuine person who knows how to encourage growth in her clients in a way that feels good. And while she is a fantastic listener, she also brings a great deal of practical guidance to the table.

As a speaker, what I love most about Marilena’s style is the way she can deliver powerful and life-changing concepts in the most gentle and approachable way. Every time I hear her speak I get stirred up to create change in my life, and yet I do not feel frenzied or overwhelmed by it. Marilena tells her story in a way that comforts and encourages others to find their own truth and reach for their own purpose.

Kelly Lang, HHC
Green Life Wellness

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