“The Gong is a dedicated act of self-love that snaps you out of your daily trance and brings the light
of awareness to your consciousness.”

–Pedram Shojai 


How will your life be different in 40 Days?

How will you be different in 40 Days?

Journey with us and let the magic unfold…


The Journey of Awakening and Self-Compassion

The Quantum Gong (the 40-day edition) is a simple and elegant journey of 40 Days designed to help you reconnect with yourself, reawaken your soul’s callings and be mindful and present in new ways.

It offers a combination of spiritual practices that support an optimal level of Soul-Centered Self-Care and Self-Compassion/Love and was inspired by the Camino de Santiago de Compostela along with its sister Taoist practices.

We love it because it is a simple loving 15-20 minute daily “imperfect” practice designed to help you reconnect with yourself and expand your self-compassion. Each day you will receive a lovely inspired email for your focus and contemplation. You will also be part of a private Facebook group, where you can share or observe as you wish. It is YOUR journey.

What is an “imperfect” practice? You will choose the same practice daily: Often a physical practice like a few favorite yoga poses, some tai chi or chi gong. You may walk, or journal… or anything that will for you be something out of your usual, current routine. This becomes an anchor for you to connect with yourself.  It is imperfect because, while we wish you to engage in this practice for 100 days, we have a special, compassionate way of dealing with those days you might not show up for yourself.

This is an easy, heart and soul decision which does not require overthinking just feeling if the time is right for you.


The Quantum Gong ties together so much of the deepest wisdom of many aspects of Quantum Coaching and we know it will only serve to enhance and deepen the many soul-centered traditions that we already love and seek to deepen.  

The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) is a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together at the tomb of St. James (Santiago in Spanish) in Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain. Annually in north-west Spain. It is a 500-mile route that takes approximately 30 days to walk. It has been popularized in several films, our most favorite of which is The Way.

Traditionally, the practice of a Gong, which  has its roots in Taoism, typically requires absolute perfect participation for 100 days. In other words, if you skip a day, you begin all over again. In our experience, we have found that if we allow for occasional lapses that come with being normal, imperfect humans, there is still much learning to be had, especially in finding our unconscious blind spots and how to cultivate compassion for ourselves.

This program will  most definitely will take your self-care experience to an entirely new place and show you more about those times you may choose to turn your back on yourself, disconnect, or self-sabotage. 

We have also found that with daily support, we are more likely to stay on the path and connected to our commitment.  This is why we are offering this as a group experience.




How The Beginning Quantum Gong Works:

If you are interested in journeying with us… here is what is involved:

First, you need only make a commitment to 40 days of a simple 15-20 minute practice of your choice…

We recommend a physical practice such as yoga, tai chi, qui gong, walking, etc.  The physical nature of the Gong is so that you will get into your body and reconnect with your own self for 20 minutes a day. You will do the same practice (8 poses, asanas, length of walk, etc. ) every day.

You may also choose a non-physical practice if that is calling to you: Daily Meditation, Journaling, Chanting, etc.

You may already have daily practices you embrace, however, we encourage you to find 20 minutes to carve out for yourself to do something different. What is key is that you will do the SAME practice every day (not necessary to be the same time). 


  • You will receive a printable Quantum Gong progress tracker for your personal use.
  • You will receive a daily email of inspiration. Periodically we will ask a question in the body of the email to which you may choose to respond. Some people choose to respond daily to the email as a way of being accountable to themselves.
  • You will be joined with a private community on Facebook to inspire you and encourage your ongoing participation and share your insights as a community. This is optional but suggested.

What happens exactly?

This is a personal journey where we walk alongside one another. We will stop only periodically to connect and check-in. 
1- Let us know if you are in by registering at the link below. The fee for the entire 40 days is only $99.  
2. You will receive an confirmation email and a Gong Tracker within the day. 
3. Plan to attend our kick-off call on at 8 PM ET the evening before we begin. (recorded for those of you who cannot make it). And then we begin our Walk…..
4. Daily you will receive a daily email from us on which to focus; you will also be added to our private Facebook group where you are welcome to check in, share your journey, or just observe……

WHY 40 DAYS? We are offering a Beginner’s Path for this event which is usually 100 days in length. This way you can have long enough with your practice to see transformation. We hope eventually you will join us for a 100-day practice as well. Or even continue once our 40 days are completed.

This is a quiet practice. For those of you who have the intuitive knowing that doing this with a group of other like-minded people will help you stay focused and move forward, we invite you to join us. 


Three Levels of Awakening:

This is truly a journey of awakening from the inside out. While we will be co-journeying on this path we will all reach a different destination.

We find that through this process we move from sheer intention, through head-down, determination, and challenge all the way through to the ease of flow and knowing you have arrived.

It is indeed a journey.. not a sprint. So please consider your commitment carefully. This program is designed to raise your level of spiritual resilience. Are you open to the learning which awaits you?  


As the days unfold… You will:

  • Walk more consciously each day… becoming more present and awake to who you are.
  • Listen for and find clarity in how you are being called to show up in your life. 
  • Easily release what no longer serves you.

I hope you will consider joining us. It will be an extraordinary journey of pure love for yourself….you can take no matter where you live or travel. We are holding a space just for you! 


“Whatever our path, the secret of life always has to do with the awakening and
freeing of what has been asleep.”  Mark Nepo

Let this be a Gift You Give Yourself

The 40-Day Gong is about cultivating a daily practice of deep self-compassion and Soul-Centered Self-Care! It is a dedicated act of self-love that takes 15-20 minutes per day. That is it and in 40 days… what unfolds is quite amazing.
The Quantum Gong of Self-Compassion is about Being..not just doing and doing and doing more or adding to your To-D0 List.
All you have to “do” is show up for yourself, and be gentle when you don’t, and stay present… and the magic happens.

 The Quantum Gong Registration

Next Live Event Begins: March 20 2019 (until May 1, 2019)

Event Cost $99

Don’t miss an opportunity to Experience this Amazing Journey!

“It is solved by walking.” Saint Augustine

Here is what some recent participants had to say….

It is amazing how much the commitment to 100 days can open up your mind, spirit and heart. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and about the state of my life at this time. I learned of ways I could provide for my family and keep them and me as a priority as well. I am excited to see where this path leads.

Carrie Thrall, Coach
ABC Coaching, LLC


The daily inspirational emails made my day. I felt that each one was applicable to me and the kind of day I was having. The whole GONG experience helped me dig deeper and opened up a flood of possibilities.

Christine Boutross
Elite Personal Trainer and Health Coach


The most powerful part of this process was getting to love myself more deeply. You DON’T want to MISS this opportunity!

Doreen DiGiacomo, CHC


This process gave me the space to think things through each day until there was a shift from it being a task I had to remember to a practice I didn’t want to forget. It is wonderful how such a simple practice can transform your life.

Lisa Feiner, MBA, M.Ed.