What It Really Means to “Go Quantum!”


The Quantum Coaching Method begins with you as a heart and soul-centered professional who is passionate about becoming a coach, advancing your skills, or incorporating coaching into your current work. We meet you where you are…newbie or seasoned in your experience… whether you have a full slate of clients or are getting ready to sign your first one. 

Quantum Coaches are dedicated to becoming creators of their success and helping their clients do the same.  This is what we call the “Parallel Path” where we walk alongside those who are seeking a higher and sustainable level of wellbeing.

The Quantum Coach’s Journey is about the Whole-Coach 

Unlike many other professions, as coaches, we live into what we practice. Being a Coach is about “who we are” in equal measure to “what we do.”  Our clients depend on our being natural leaders thereby making authentic living our most powerful calling card.  

This is precisely why the “Quantum Coach’s Journey” Model begins at its very core with
Soul-Centered Self-Care

Walking a Parallel Path with our clients… imperfections included, expected and welcome… is a critical springboard for our success!  It is from here that the real learning of coaching skills begins.
These practices go beyond what is typically thought of as Self-Care and create a dynamic way of reframing even the most mundane events of your daily living into a renewable energy source. You will transcend time-management and enter into the world of energy-management as a way of cultivating more “flow” in your life!

Quantum Coaching Essentials
NOW APPROVED FOR INTERNATIONAL COACH CERTIFICATION (The International Coach Federation/ICF and the International Consortium of Health & Wellness Coaches/NBHWC transitional program)

Next on the journey, we will fill your Coaching Toolkit to overflowing through our Quantum Coach Certification and Mentoring Program. During this 6-month intensive program, the most powerful coaching techniques and theory will jump off the page as you take what you are learning into immediate practice in class as well as with your clients.

Working in class groups of no more than 10-12 coaches you get the real coaching experience, specialized attention, customized support and mentorship you need to succeed.

We will fill in the gaps other trainings have left you with and continue to support you long after your initial course is over!



The Functional Coach Approach

Have you ever noticed that helping someone simply be more “aware” or gain insight into themselves about their behavior patterns, lack of progress or failure to follow through is often not enough to create sustainable change by itself?

It takes a whole lot more than 28 days to create a new habit!

The “Functional Coach Approach takes our coaches down to the roots to look at the whole person: the dynamic emotional, psychological and neurological aspects of each person and how these systems interact. Coaches are taught to how they work together to help us make the Quantum Shifts we desire in our lives. When we effectively learn how to let go of what no longer serves us and embrace what does, the magic happens!

This begins with creating a quality Coaching Partnership where hold space for three meta outcomes:  1) To help the client take more responsibility for their lives  2) To expand their capacity for self-compassion and self-love/acceptance and 3) To learn how to re-Empower themselves.

This is why the Quantum Coaching Essentials™ Training & Mentoring Program requires coaches to experience these outcomes and apply the very same processes they will be using with their clients on themselves first.  This leads to greater empathy, depth and ease of connection and helps coaches work from a deeply intuitive place. From here, they can meet their clients where they are, hold a truly clear space for them,  and co-create an experience that keeps the client front and center where they belong.

We need to help our clients identify the critical factors they will need to reach their destinations. Are they ready for change? Is there clear enough motivation? How might they measure and manage the risk? Are they in touch with the underlying commitments that may cause them to stumble? Are their goals really on target? What are the roles of shame, shadow, willpower or compassion along the way?

We help coaches navigate these waters to learn both the hard and soft skills that make up the “Art of Coaching.” Coaches who leave this program tell us consistently: they have un-learned the patterns and habits that have stalled out their coaching and graduate KNOWING how to coach, using best practices and strategies with confidence.  


Who Are You In the Marketplace? How to Be Soulful Not Salesy

“I just need someone to hold my hand through this.” We can do that! As solo-preneurs we must not only be good at what we do but at the business of what we do. If we could magically have a line of clients show up outside the door ready to be coached, we would be all set. However, to get that line to form there are critical steps you must take to let yourself be seen in the world. 

The next turn of the Coach’s Journey will show you how to market from your heart and soul. Through Soulful Not Salesy™ Personal Branding & Business Coaching, you don’t need to ever sell yourself but instead get super clear on who you are, what you offer and how you will deliver it. 

As you begin to spread your wings as a coach, it is imperative to learn how to distinguish your voice in the world and how most effectively to deliver your gifts. Do you know your ideal target market? Are you clear on your personal brand and what makes you unique as a coach? Let us help you see just how the world sees you with a unique online 360 tool that will help you create your coaching persona from the inside out as well as the outside in.

Get clear on your menu offerings and how best to meet the needs of your future clients, learn to have “coaching conversations” not marketing conversations to invite clients to work with you!

Embrace Your Calling and Step into the Leader You Are

As coaches, we grow a community, a following of people who are interested in what we are up to and who tend to care about similar things that we do. Whether you are the leader in your home, family, community or the world at large, stepping more fully into this role. We are agents of change. We are Lifestyle Change Specialists and influence more lives than we may ever know. We offer regular opportunities and personal coaching and mentorship to develop your vision as a leader through Quantum Leap Leadership Programming™!

We offer all this to you in an Environment designed to support your Success

Think about how you learn best. Optimal learning and growth happen through supportive experiences where you can integrate and apply what you are learning immediately.  This is why we offer The Coach’s Journey through small groups (maximum size 12 participants).  This entire journey takes place within four additional learning environments we know facilitate change and progress. They put you on a solid foundation for success in our programs, in your practice and in your life!

Mentorship: You coaching skills will soar with a team of mentors who work closely with you, give you feedback, challenge you in your own areas of professional and personal growth, who can demonstrate for you, and whose own paths you can learn from. 

Accountability: We have identified single-minded meaningful focus plus accountability as a critical part of the Quantum Coaching Method™ needed to create and build momentum in your progress. We offer several layers of no-shame support as we know it will help you quickly integrate your learning and build a critical skill for business and coaching success.

Self Responsibility: One of the goals of coaching, personal development and practice building is to “own all of what is.” When you do this, you are more in a position to respond to situations and create your future.  Ending victimspeak and moving into a more self-empowered space is key to success. From here we can learn to create meaningful goals, action steps and the follow through that directs your energy for high impact.

Self Compassion: Self-Responsibility must come hand in hand with a sense of deep compassion for self if we are to be effective, heart and soul centered coaches.  We share with you the practices that will free you from old patterns that no longer serve you and instead help you cultivate ways to love and accept yourself through your own journey.


Are You Ready to Go Quantum?

Let us walk alongside you on the Coach’s Journey