You Can’t Hoard Love

To Make Love Grow We’ve Got
to Fill Ourselves Up & Spread It Around!IMG_1812-smaller

This is the day the greeting card industry hath made… let us rejoice in the true meaning of love… instead.

If you live in a place that celebrates Valentine’s Day, you will know that this is a holiday that brings with it a mixed bag of stirred-up emotions. The idealizing of romantic love causes some of us to celebrate while others would rather ignore the day; Others will feel lonely or sad mourning past loves or romance that has not yet materialized in their lives.

If you are feeling filled up with love today, I hope you will

find ways to let that love spill over into every day of your life and   spread it around and pass it forward. 

Love is not something we can collect or hold onto, its very nature is to be in circulation. That is what allows it to expand.

Radical Acts of Self-Love

If you are feeling less than inspired today, I encourage you to give yourself at least some of the love you desire. February 14th, on my calendar, holds a repeating annual event: Love Myself Day. This reminds me that no matter what else I do today or with whom I spend time,  I must express some love to myself first.

Some people have difficulty with this. Truth is, I have learned that I can’t love the world if I am hating myself. 

The extent or depth to which you can love others,  including showing love and compassion to your clients, is the extent to which you can love and show compassion to yourself.

This is an indisputable formula although we can try to fool ourselves that to be a good person is to love thy neighbor… we forget the part that says… “as thyself.”

Really, think about what that means for you. Fill up your own well with Radical Acts of Loving Kindness: Try just for this day.. this week to: 

  • Speak kindly to yourself.
  • Be patient with yourself. 
  • Buy Yourself flowers.
  • Do some extra self care.

What is your love language? * What expressions of love mean touch you deeply? How can you express that love, respect, and caring for yourself? 

The truth is rather than taking one day to celebrate love, I would rather we find a way to celebrate it every day.  It is something we are called to do for ourselves and to model for our clients. 

My loving message to you this day is to embrace all forms of loving kindness in the world. To fill yourself up on loving and compassionate thoughts for yourself first today and to eat some really, really good chocolate 😉

Happy Love Day, Everyone!
Go Quantum….
*David Chapman (the Five Love Languages)