The Quantum Marketing JumpStart
For Health & Wellness Coaches

Be Soulful… Not Salesy

Are you committed to being a coach but not so sure about being an entrepreneur?
Are you wondering how to integrate your Coaching Tools into Your Programs & Practice?

To have a successful practice requires not only working “in” your practice,
but also “on” your practice.

•If you are unsure of the benefits of target marketing and what niche is best for you…
•If you are not confident in how to create powerful programs
•If your elevator speech gets stuck in your throat…
•If you are not comfortable asking for money, don’t know what to charge or
are afraid of sounding too “salesy”…

Then, it’s time for a Quantum Marketing JumpStart!

This program is designed for Health & Wellness Coaches who are craving a Heart and
Soul-Centered Business Coach like Marilena.

Don’t let the “Business” or “Marketing” part of creating and running a practice keep you from delivering your greatness to the world! We cut through the marketing jargon and get to the heart of the matter so you can position yourself well
to do the work you are called to do!

Marilena works with you on a deeper level to work through your fears and limiting beliefs to get out of your own way. Be freed up to have a soul-sourced practice that reflects your journey, your gifts and your passion!

Now let’s get to it!

Eight Powerful Group Program Sessions


Identifying your Target Market & Ideal Client
Clarifying your Vision
Creating Your Unique Promise of Value as Coach
Handling Your Limiting Beliefs
Your Business Identity

Week 1– Being the Purple Cow: Embracing What Makes You Unique!   You are your Brand. What walking-your-talk has to do with marketing. What is the first impression you make in the first 10 seconds? Who do you wish to serve? The importance of niche. What is the Vision you have for your practice? Where do you want to be 3, 6 and 12 months from now? Where do you find yourself hitting the brakes?

>Personal Work: Our Greatest Fear!  The Fraud Factor: Meet Your Gremlins & Your “Board of Directors.”
>Tasks: Your Strengths & Passions. Your Power Words.  Identifying your Ideal Client: The Target Market Finder.

Week 2- Alignment 101: You- Your Client-Your Message.   Front-Burner and Back-Burner Targets. Your Business Identity: Name & Tag line. URL’S & email address. What is your Signature Approach? What are the Pillars of Your Practice?

>Personal Work: Your Business Values. Learning to Set the Timer.
>Tasks: Business Name, Tag Line, URL, Email. Power Colors.


Aligning your Values with your Practice Offerings
Solidifying Program/Product Offerings/Menu.
Your Compelling Story or Bio in 4 Paragraphs or Less.

Week 3 – Pain, Passion and Deliverables. Finding your Compelling Story.  How to write a Bio that connects who you are with what your clients need to hear from you.

>Personal Work:  Stop giving it away!
>Tasks: Write your Compelling Bio, Find/Take a Head shot, Determine Your Top 3 Deliverables.

Week 4 – Serving up the Menu!  Entry points for Coaching. Silver, Gold, Platinum Programs. Group vs. One-to-One? Workshops? The Psychology and Timing of Buying. What the market will bear. How to integrate other program materials.

>Personal Work: When would you buy?  Your Money Story.
>Tasks: Design Your Program Offerings and Pricing


Your Non-Elevator Speech
Growing Your Community

Getting Out There & Finding Clients
Closing the Deal Organically
Lines of Communication

Week 5 – Finding Your Position in the Marketplace. Being the expert- Being on Brand. Mastering your Non-Elevator speech. Ordering Your Business Cards. Creating & growing your contact list. Do you need a free giveaway? Designing your Signature “Appetizer” talk. 

>Personal Work: Practice your non-elevator speech with at least 10 people.
>Tasks:  Order your cards. Create your contact list. Create an outline for your appetizer talk and a list of 10 places to deliver it.

Week 6- Closing the Deal Organically without Being “Salesy”.  Practice/Demo and Practicalities around Closing the Deal, pricing, scheduling, handling objections.

>Personal Work: Tapping & Affirmations to Stay Curious with our objections around money.
>Tasks: Set up Intake forms & coaching agreements. Set up appointment calendar and task list. Are you ready to receive money. Do you need to set up a designated bank account?  

Week 7- Spreading Your Wings. Setting up strategic partners, Other Marketing & Communication Strategies: Newsletter, Blog, Social Media? The heart of “content marketing.”  Cook Once – eat many times. Time for a Website?

>Personal Work: Walking Your Talk: the Core of your Practice (source of content)
>Tasks: List of possible strategic partners. Letter of Introduction. Create a communications plan including email, and social media, etc. The website decision.

Well, that says it all. 

Week 8- Best Good Practice Habits to Stay in the Flow. Time  & Energy management for coaches. The Big Fat Hairy To Do List. Quadrant Two Living! Knowing your own rhythms. Setting up office hours. Managing your Office Environment. Getting around your “Distractor Factors” – NEXT STEPS: Setting Goals for the next 3, 6, 12 months. 

>Personal Work: Handling Your Distractor Factors/ Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!
>Tasks:  Invite someone for a consultation/ Setting up ongoing Accountability / SMART Goal Setting & Kaizen Action Steps


Marilena’s Basic Formula for Success: Single-minded Focus + Consistent Steps over Time + Accountability

This program would not be complete without an added piece of accountability to support you in completing the tasks of these 8 sessions. In addition to these 8 workshop sessions, you will have 4 One-to-One Accountability Sessions with Quantum Coach, Nellie Mason.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly: 30-Minute Strategy Sessions: Typically scheduled Mondays or Tuesdays: During these sessions intentions /work plan/action steps are brainstormed and set for the week ahead. You will also troubleshoot any stumbling blocks from the previous week.

Choose Your Email Recap day:  Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  There is limited email support through the week.

You may choose to use these sessions during or after the program is complete!


Will I be able to re-listen the calls? All sessions are recorded and downloadable.

How long do I have to listen and complete my work? You will have ongoing access to all recordings and handouts as well as any updates to handouts. In order to keep pace with the content of the course, it is recommended that you allow time each week to complete assignments.

What if I want more accountability? Ongoing support services are available at an additional charge through Nellie directly.

What if I have questions or need more help between sessions? Please email Marilena directly and she will be in touch with you personally.

Class Dates
For Registered Participants
Eight Thursdays:

10:00 AM – NOON EST

Need an Evening Class? Email Marilena for next available dates!

Your investment for this program:

One payment of $597


3 monthly payments of $199


(please let us know if you require further flexibility in payment installments or start date)


Marilena’s Business Coaching Approach

Quantum Business Building takes an Inside-Out approach to Personal Branding to create the practice you desire that will attract your ideal clients.

THE A- B- C- D- E System of Quantum Business Building™

Here are the Building Blocks of creating a strong foundation for your coaching practice. Whether you are working in groups, one-on-one or as part of someone else’s practice, you need to know Who You Are, What You Offer and How to Tell the World
about it.

  • ALIGN: Connect who you are with what you do!  Voice your passion and uncover your authentic story in a way that deeply attracts and emotionally connects with potential clients and your Target Market.
  • BRAND: Leverage your strengths to create a powerful personal brand that connects with your potential clients. Articulate your values, services and products.
  • COMMUNICATE: Create a marketing and communications strategy to help you build and consistently engage a community who is interested in what you have to offer them. Learn the best ways for you to get the word out about your services and products.
  • DEVELOP: Create strategies to address the “Three R’s” of sustaining momentum in your practice: Recruitment,  Retention and Renewals. 
  • EVOLVE: Find your learning edge… clarify your stuckness around knowing enough and knowing your worth. Work through limiting beliefs and build your confidence.  Be freed up to have a soul-sourced practice that reflects your journey, your gifts and your passion!