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Marilena helped me get clear about my core passion when I could not see it for myself.  She shared a vision for me after hearing me lecture on bone health at a retreat. Food for Healthy Bones was soon-after created and I have now helped countless women understand the direct link between the foods they eat and the health of their bones.  I have had many ah-ha moments as a result of working with Marilena. She teaches and then she sets you free with your new life’s tools. What could be better than that?

Irma Jennings, INHC

Founder, Food for Healthy Bones

Since working with Marilena as my Wellness Coach, my life has changed!. She has helped me find my voice. I have never felt more empowered to make choices as I have now since our working together. She is compassionate, kind, shows tough love when I need it and has helped me move forward into a happier and healthier place. I feel honored and blessed to have found Marilena. She has helped me finally start living my life to the fullest.

Christine Boutross, CHHC, NBC-HWC

Marilena helps me make my goals a reality. She not only works with the vital practical next-steps of how to make my business all that it can be, but she also works with me as a whole person to support me in being all that I can be. She is wise, supportive and always right on target. She can see the big external picture at the same time as seeing the deep internal picture... What a gift!

Nina Manolson, NBC-HWC

Before I started working with Marilena, I was all over the place. I had great ideas and lots of potential but I didn’t know how to “get it all together” and stay on track. After working with Marilena for just a few sessions I had gained clarity and focus that had eluded me for years prior. Now I'm confident I can maintain my vision and reach my goals. Marilena is a warm and genuine person who knows how to encourage growth in her clients in a way that feels good. While she is a fantastic listener, she also brings a great deal of practical guidance to the table.

Kelly Molloy, HHC

Back on Track With Kelly
Marilena has been such a blessing to work with as she has truly mastered the art of creating a safe space for exploration and growth. That combined with challenging me to dig deeper, step outside my comfort zone and answer, at times, some very challenging questions have activated tremendous self-discovery, self-awareness and growth.  She has helped me create sustainable change and make measurable shifts in my life and coaching practice and I am forever grateful.

Jennifer Ragazzo, Functional Medicine Health Coach

Marilena came into my life like an angel.  To say that working with her is transformational is an under-statement.  Under her warm and loving guidance, my ability to support my clients meaningfully and effectively has gone through the roof.  Since working with Marilena, my own confidence as a coach has grown exponentially and my practice is as full as I want it to be.  Thank you , Marilena for the clear perspective and love you bring to our world – our lives, and the lives of those we work with, are enriched by what you do.


Fran McElwaine, Functional Health Consultant