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The Functional Coach Approach




Become a Certified Quantum Coach!

Quantum Coaching Essentials™ is a highly interactive, experiential and skill-building training designed for Health & Wellness Coaches (new or experienced) and Wellness Practitioners who…

  • Want to take proven coaching theories and research and bring them to life in their practices…
  • Are curious how they can coach others in lifestyle & behavior change when they themselves are challenged to walk-their-talk…
  • Are committed to working more deeply with clients to help them get unstuck and make progress toward their goals…
  • Want to build their Confidence and get beyond the fears of not knowing enough…
  • Want a Coaching Toolkit that gets the best results for client without getting burned out from fixing or rescuing clients… 
  • Want a preferred pathway toward Certification with a mentor who walks alongside them each step of the way…
  • Love learning in a small-group environment (no more than 12 per class) with instructors and mentors who are highly accessible and can offer the valuable feedback needed to integrate tools immediately into coaching…

Quantum Coaches overflow with confidence thanks to the professional and personal transformations that directly result from this training. 

If you are looking for training where you deeply learn via experience and emerge as a stellar coach, then we are looking for you.




Quantum Coaching Essentials Training is an Approved Transition Program of the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) qualifying graduates to sit for the national exam.
Next Exams: February, 2020; October, 2020; Feb 2021

ENROLLMENT in Quantum Coaching Essentials Includes automatic enrollment in our highly-acclaimed 50-hour NBHWC Exam Review program.
($397 value)



Quantum Coaching Essentials is approved as an ACSTH pathway program
for ICF Coach Certification leading to the ACC credential. 
Exams are ongoing.

Our Vision is to Train Evolutionary Coaches who are
Heart-Centered Specialists in Lifestyle Change,
Resiliency & 
Whole-Person Wellness 

The Quantum Coaching Method™ supports coaches in all aspects of their life and work. We call this the Coach’s Journey which begins with Soul-Centered Self-Care™ at its core. As we understand what it means to walk alongside our clients, we can create the most productive and safe space for their own work.



A foundational part of this journey is Quantum Coaching Essentials™ where participants become proficient and confident in coaching clients at a level that supports them in sustainable lifestyle change. We know this requires holding a safe place to compassionately take action and move forward in their lives.

Understanding the true nature of change requires working in an incremental (small-step approach), gentle and compassionate way so clients feel safe, appropriately challenged and optimally supported. As the coaching relationship evolves, clients become re-empowered to take more loving responsibility for themselves. 

One of the Core Principles of the Quantum Coaching Method™ is “The More Work You Do, The More Work You Can Do.”  We know coaches who consistently engage in their own personal work are the most effective and attractive to potential clients who are seeking to partner with authentic coaches who are “real” and who “get them.”

This is why the Quantum Coaching Essentials™ Certification requires coaches to experience the very same processes they will be using with their clients. This creates ease and flow in their coaching and helps them work from an intuitive and consciously connected place. From here they can meet their clients where they are and co-create an experience that keeps the client front and center where they belong.


Do Our Goals & Training Style Align With Yours?

  • Ever felt the pressure to deliver amazing results, breakthroughs, aha moments, or huge life transformations?
  • Do you have clients who don’t seem to make progress and you’re unsure where to go next?
  • How do you handle clients who want a “quick fix” after years of being off track?
  • Do you get stuck yourself on what to ask next?
  • Are you unclear about working with clients dealing with the same issues you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet?

These are real challenges coaches face every day and Quantum Coaching Essentials™ gives you real solutions to handle them. We don’t give you scripts.

Instead, we offer you a masterful coaching tool kit which gives you ready access to the most critical coaching tool of all… YOU!!!! 

We teach YOU to coach skillfully and intuitively. This includes not only dealing with client issues, but with your own internal limiting beliefs that get in the way of clean coaching.

  • Embrace being a Life Style Change & Resiliency Specialist. Quantum Coaches learn how to get to the heart of client’s desire to make a change in their lives, their readiness and resources to do so and to help them transcend the limiting beliefs and Distractor Factors™ that get in the way of success.  
  • Work through the Lens of Whole-Person Wellness:  There are many aspects of any individual’s life that impact their sense of well-being or wholeness. We draw from strengths in all areas to support the client in creating balance and a bigger vision for their health and wellbeing.
  • Be Your Own First Client. If you have ever wondered how you can coach someone effectively while you are still working through your own issues, get ready to let that limitation go!   As you deepen your commitment to your own journey, you will see your levels of empathy and compassion develop. The result is being able to provide a higher quality of coaching to your clients.  
  • Become Certified. We are interested in getting you more than a piece of paper. We want you to leave confident in your training and the art of coaching.  Certification is becoming a game changer in our profession.  We have worked hard to align this work with current national and international standards for coaching so that you can feel confident in your qualifications to deliver your gifts to the world.


The Quantum Coaching Essentials Experience

We’re Holding Space Just for You in a Positive, Productive Learning Environment

The Quantum Coaching Training experience is up close and delivered in a small-group format where you get to experience first-hand a full range of coaching principles and professional skills that will become the foundation of your work and success as a coach. We truly take theory and put it into practice so you can integrate it fully into your work. 

Don’t get lost in a sea of other coaches: We know your name and get to know who you are as you continue to develop your own coaching style. We listen, answer your questions and help with the integration of  your learning on the spot.  We walk alongside as you learn to walk-your-talk in a more meaningful way.

We build your confidence in a safe space! During our Class Practicum and Mentor Coaching Sessions we hear you coach and give you the invaluable feedback you need to take your coaching to the next level. Nothing builds your confidence and skill set faster!

We are committed to your success and walk right alongside you as you do with your own clients. 

I have combined the best practices of over 25 years of coaching wisdom & counseling experience and brought together a team to support you in learning what will be most transformational to your clients.

All of this is delivered in accordance with cutting edge international coaching standards (ICF/CCE/IHCA/NBHWC)* into a unique methodology designed to help you excel at answering your calling to be a masterful Health & Wellness Coach.

Why This Training Certification Program Is So Powerful

Nested within the Quantum Coaching Certification™ training are two fundamental experiential pathways:

Quantum Coaching Essentials™ (Part I)

  • The Core Essentials (8 weeks: 32 live training hours): The heart of this training walks you through the fundamentals of creating coaching relationships that yield results. Classes and assignments focus on specific learning and experience outcomes. We work though the initial phases of coaching and move into more complex challenges for which you learn and practice the skills and tools needed to expand your proficiency levels. (See more specific list of what is covered in class below.*)
  • Buddy Coaching (12 hours): Weekly coaching exchange with assigned buddies including work with a Certified Quantum Mentor Coach where you are working on concepts learned in class as well as have the opportunity to support one another on particular goals created at the beginning of the class.
  • “Take the Leap” Practicum™ (10 Weeks: 20 live training hours) These sessions with Marilena include in-depth review of the ICF core competencies and NBCHWC Job Tasks, coaching ethics, coaching processes along with coaching demos. Significant time is allotted for the opportunity for each member to coach and be coached live in a completely safe and caring environment where direct feedback and learning can take place… Each coach will get two opportunities to coach in class and will be given written feedback in addition to the three one-to-one Mentor Coaching Sessions they will receive. 
  • One-to-One Mentor Coaching (3 live hours)  Fine tune your coaching and ability to demonstrate required proficiencies during three one-to-one consultations with our Certification Specialist and Master Coach. You will review your own recorded coaching sessions and gain insight on how to make improvements in your coaching techniques.
  • Introduction to Soul-Centered Self-Care™: 8- Audio sessions outlining the basic principles of using your own self-care journey as a means of getting first hand knowledge of the change process and using it as springboard for your success with clients. (8 Hours Pre-recorded Audio Segments)

Quantum JourneyWork (Part II)

  • DeJunk Dispatch™ (7.5 live training hours + 4 Buddy Coaching Hours) helps bring alignment to both our inner and outer environments as we examine and release the clutter held in various areas and multiple levels of our lives. Learn this process for yourself as well as for your clients.


      Learn how to integrate your Coaching Tools into Your Programs & Practice.

To have a successful practice requires not only working “in” your practice, 
but also “on” your practice.

•If you are unsure of the benefits of target marketing and what niche is best for you…
•If you are not confident in how to create powerful programs 
•If your elevator speech gets stuck in your throat…
•If you are not comfortable asking for money, don’t know what to charge or 
are afraid of sounding too “salesy”…

This program is designed for Health & Wellness Coaches who are craving a Heart and Soul-Centered Business Coach like Marilena.

Don’t let the “Business” or “Marketing” part of creating and running a practice keep you from delivering your greatness to the world! We cut through the marketing jargon and get to the heart of the matter so you can position yourself well 
to do the work you are called to do!

Marilena works with you on a deeper level to move through your fears and limiting beliefs so you can get out of your own way. Be freed up to have a soul-sourced practice that reflects your journey, your gifts and your passion!

Eight Powerful 2-Hour Sessions


Identifying your Target Market & Ideal Client
Clarifying your Vision
Creating Your Unique Promise of Value as Coach
Handling Your Limiting Beliefs
Your Business Identity


Aligning your Values with your Practice Offerings
Solidifying Program/Product Offerings/Menu.
Your Compelling Story or Bio in 4 Paragraphs or Less.

                  HOW DO YOU TELL THE WORLD?

Your Non-Elevator Speech
Growing Your Community

Getting Out There & Finding Clients
Closing the Deal Organically
Lines of Communication

Well, that says it all. 

Best Good Practice Habits to Stay in the Flow
Stop Procrastinating
Time & Energy management specifically for coaches
Productivity Practices that really work for YOU!


  • Participation in one DeJunk-A-Palooza event within 12 months of course completion. ($97)
  • Participation in one Quantum Gong: 100 day practice within 12 months of course completion. ($97)
  • NBHWC Exam Review Program – 50 hours to walk you to the exam. ($397)


*Curriculum Highlights, Learning & Experience Objectives of Our Journey Together:

We begin by exploring your role as coach in the coaching relationship and look at current standards, practices and proficiencies you must possess to excel in your practice:

  • Expand your role as coach and co-journeyer with clients.
  • Create the quality “container” necessary for clients to make real progress.
  • Learn the Quantum Questions™ that will shift clients the fastest.
  • Actively listen. Really, Actively Listen and Reflect and Reframe.
  • Internal Issues for the Coach: Let go of your tendencies to fix…..everything!
  • Use mirroring as a springboard to deepen your practice.
  • Learn high-impact techniques based on years of proven theories and cognitive behavioral, psychological and human potential research.

Do you know when a goal is the right one? Are you clear how to co-create action steps for maximum follow through? How do you handle it when a client quits or wants to quit or begins to sabotage themselves?

  • Set SMART goals and co-create meaningful recommendations that match your client personality.
  • Learn the Readiness for Change Model and how to assess if a client is indeed ready to work with you.
  • Learn the best way to approach “difficult or resistant clients” and keep the lines of communication flowing.
  • Be clear when and how to set up strategies to refer clients for additional support.

As the coach, you will also learn to:

  • Take AIM- Use your own Alignment and Integrity to Move yourself and your clients.
  • Turn up the volume on your inner voice, insight and intuition.
  • Be able to bring real situations to a highly interactive discussion and go away with real solutions and strategies.
  • Embrace the disciplines necessary for long term change.
  • Learn about Industry Standards for Coaching Proficiencies, Ethics and Rules of Conduct.
  • Learn how to make effective referrals when necessary.

As we move forward, you will:

  • Explore the Distractor Factors™ that create patterns of non-serving behaviors & self-sabotage.
  • Help clients move past limiting beliefs.
  • Understand the true nature of why clients have an underlying feeling they are “Not Good Enough”.
  • The Basics of working with a client’s Story, old patterns, shames and shadow in the present moment.
  • Learn to see and work with various aspects of yourself that get in the way of great coaching. 
  • Create awareness around stuck areas and take a small steps approach to unraveling long-standing old behaviors.
  • Learn why old belief systems drive poor decisions and how to retrain our brains to create new positive behaviors. 
  • Help clients create “Compassionate Boundaries” in toxic relationships and advocate for themselves when needed.
  • Be able to bring real client cases to a highly interactive discussion and go away with real solutions and strategies.

Why Else This Training Certification Program Lands So Powerfully for Coaches
Quantum Coaching Essentials™ is a confidence-builder for coaches. They get faster and more valuable results for their clients while accelerating their own personal growth:
  • You learn in a SMALL-GROUP setting! No more than 12 people in each class and you have full access to Marilena and other instructors during the program.
  • You experience it First-Hand! You will see the impact of Quantum Coaching™ as part of your own personal development.
  • You start it Now! You practice the skills and tools learned immediately with clients, buddy coaches and yourself. No need to wait. 
  • It’s based in Reality! We use real-life case scenarios in class for brainstorming and learning. We also have live coaching demos and practice for each call.
  • It’s about You! In a small-group environment, everyone can identify and work on their own areas for skill building, blind spots, limiting beliefs and patterns. 
  • It’s based on a broad range of time-tested, research-based teachings and principles! I’ll share with you the best of my master coaching toolkit that I know works for both coaches and clients alike.

While some forms of learning work really well in a large-group experience, I have come to know that the best coaching training happens when you are not only working with proven technique but can also practice and get feedback in a safe environment. You must also have access to your instructors, learn and listen to masterful coaching and be doing your own work. And did I mention practice?   
  • Classes are limited to 8-12 participants so you get the individualized attention you need! We are able to address your specific needs.
  • You will be able to ask questions on the spot and get answers/feedback from me during and between sessions!
  • You will be practicing coaching skills in a safe group of other like-minded professionals who are committed to the work in the same way you are.
  • You will receive verbal and written feedback on YOUR coaching by two master mentor coaches.
  • You will have short assignments and have access to a unique online journaling platform where you will be able to connect and talk to other participants.
  • You will receive support from a team who is focused on your success!



  • Quantum Coaching Essentials:  79 hours including: live session instruction (32 hours), coaching practicum (20 hours), buddy coaching (16 hours), 3 one-to-one mentor sessions (3 hours) Soul-Centered Self-Care Program Soul-Centered Self-Care™(8 hours recorded)
  • Copy of Quantum Coaching Questions (plus 12 hour + Book Club Audio Bonus Program and Book Club Membership)
  • Copy of TED* The Empowerment Dyanamic
  • Quantum Journeywork: 7.5 Hours live instruction+ coaching.
  • On-Line Training Vault Access with downloadable session guides & handouts
  • Interactive Secure On-line Community and Journaling Platform


  • Forms to use with your clients (co-brandable upon certification)
  • Certification as a Quantum Coach (with successful completion of program) including “Certified Quantum Coaching Seal” to display on your website and other promotional materials and a printable certificate.
  • Admission to NBHWC Review Course 50-hour exam prep program) $397 value


  • Ticket to participate in one Quantum DeJunk-A-Palooza Weekend Event $97 dollar value
  • Ticket to participate in one Quantum Gong: 100 Day Practice $99 value


  • On-going Membership in the Quantum Coaching Community including our Monthly Coach Connection Circle and private Facebook group (This includes opportunities for additional continuing education, mentorship, masterminding & accountability!) Curriculum includes core materials on continued coaching and self-care support as well as practice building. (Annual recertification admin fee $125)

National Certification Exam Preparation?  

If you have further questions, let us know.

Here’s what some recent participants are saying:

Marilena’s courses are never cookie-cutter classes. You never feel like she’s just going through the motions, running you through the content. Instead, she adapts to what the class needs and to your personal challenges, creating a powerful, safe class environment.

The handouts that include actual questions that I can use with clients are gold to me. Being able to refer to those questions (and meditations and exercises) have already been a huge help to me as I move forward. 
– Paige Lysaght, Virginia Health Coaching


This course and its teachers took me to a whole other level, from where I started to where I am, it’s like I am a completely different person. I learned from every single person in the class. Now I understand how to hold sacred space for my clients and support them on their journey. I have the tools to help them dig further within themselves to find the answers they are looking for.  This is one program/class I will always remember and hold very dearly. Thank you for this journey.  – Nadia Kawash


Quantum Coaching to me is about teachers who are connected to and know their students. They really dig in and find ways to challenge you to grow.  We are like a family of coaches, which for me was so amazing as I could find something in every one of them that was just like me. 

I have finally been able to stop giving advice to my clients and I find that I guide them more in my sessions. Last week my client designed her own action steps! It really was awesome and amazing and I thank you for having me on this journey with all of you.  -Julie Domartz


It really is what the name implies…a leap beyond the basic coaching that is taught, even by the best basic coaching certification schools.
                                  – Judy Cummins, Creative and Healing Hearts


This course not only gives you more confidence and skills as a coach, it provides you with the tools and opportunity to go beyond mediocrity and experience personal transformation in the process.
Janet Dean, Health Coach


Marilena is truly a master at asking the tough questions, listening and guiding you to achieve your goals. Thank you, Marilena for being the absolute catalyst in my life. Your support and candor is helping me move forward with confidence. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for your unconditional support during this course. Thank you for making me a better coach.
Christine Boutross, HHC, Health Coach & Elite Trainer


This program has brought me from a place where I very much doubted my ability to where I firmly believe “I got this.”  I shifted from “where am I going to get clients?” to a place of “I’m just going to put my beliefs out there and know they will come to me.” I wish it could be longer because I just want more. I am absolutely thrilled to have been part of the process and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with so many incredible people.   -Darcy Huggins, CHC


Quantum Coaching improved my coaching skills exponentially. Marilena’s presentation of ideas, materials and techniques are brilliant, and her method of teaching serves as an ideal model for coaching.  In using the Quantum Coaching technique, I am better able to identify my clients’ needs, guide them in overcoming challenges that keep them stuck, and lead them towards taking meaningful action that results in permanent change, leaving my clients feeling satisfied and accomplished.   ­­­
                              – Helen Anagnostos, Health & Lifestyle Coach, MBA, CHC


7-28 Quantum Coaching final_Q only_transparent


Quantum Coaching Essentials™ IS the Quantum Leap to bring your life and your practice to the next level! Join our like-minded Coaching Community and step fully into the wonderful sought-after practitioner you already know yourself to be– doing your best work while living your best life…

If you are serious about being a health and wellness coach,
it’s time to get the professional training and support you need 
master your craft and coach with confidence and skill.

It’s Time to Go Quantum!




LEAD FACULTY & PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR: Marilena Minucci, MS, CHC,NBC-HWC, (Read Marilena’s Full Bio)


♦WHAT DAYS DO WE MEET? Mondays and Thursdays (schedule may vary)

♦WHAT TIMES DO WE MEET? Courses are offered at 1:00 PM EST OR 7 PM EST: Please check the schedule or email us for current offerings.

♦WHAT TECHNOLOGY DO I HAVE TO HAVE?  Computer and Internet Access to be able to participate in our course and journaling platform. Phone Access. All classes are delivered via teleclass/Zoom.

A NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Classes are offered EST at times that will accommodate our international students. All programming is conducted in English. All classes are conducted via teleclass/Zoom.  We are happy to work with you to ensure your phone connection, Skype etc. will work within our learning environment.

-Weeks 1-9 * (Each call is 120 minutes) Mondays and Thursdays

-Weeks  10-19 * Mondays Practicum Sessions (120 minutes)
-Weeks 10-19* Thursdays PRACTICUM (DJ Call is 90 mins)

* We typically have at least a one- up to a several-week break depending on how the calendar falls. You will be sent a specific schedule for the class for which you are registering. (Break schedule varies.)

♦ARE CALLS RECORDED? All calls are recorded and available for download within 48 hours of live class time in MP3 format.

♦WHAT IF I CAN’T MAKE IT LIVE? For the purposes of certification, you must attend 80% of classes live.

♦DO I HAVE TO HAVE PAYING CLIENTS TO PARTICIPATE? No. However, we find that in the course of your work within the training,  you are likely to address any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from getting clients or more clients. Even if you don’t currently have clients, there are opportunities to practice what you learn in class and with buddy coaches as well. Nothing builds your confidence faster than getting out there and taking your new skills for a spin! You will gain the confidence you need to get out there and get those clients who are waiting for you! 


There are no formal requirements… only that you have a true desire to coach. If you have not had prior coaching training experience, contact Marilena directly prior to registration to ensure you are ready to enter the program.


-Health & Wellness Coaches looking for a solid foundation for their coaching skills.
-Beginner or More experienced coaches looking to expand their coaching skills and work more meaningfully or deeply with their clients.
-Wellness, Medical or Mental Health Professionals/Practitioners looking to add coaching to their practices.
-People interested in coaching who have some transferrable skills.
-Individuals who enjoy personal development work in a close-up learning setting. 



Invest in a Training Certification Program and Mentor Who Will Invest in You!

Currently Available at our Economy-Busting Price of $6797


FIVE Payment Options Available:

1. Pay one time in full ($6797)

OR- Try our popular Payment Flex Program with no additional fees or interest!


2. Flex Pay 8 monthly payments ($849.63) -no added fees or interest
(The approximate equivalent of 7 paid client sessions per month)


3. Flex Pay 12 monthly payments ($566.42) –no added fees or interest
(The approximate equivalent of 5 paid client sessions per month)

4.  Flex Pay 18 monthly payments ($377.62)- no added fees or interest
(The approximate equivalent of 3 paid client sessions per month)
5. Need More Flex? Email: for more info or to discuss other payment options.

Quantum No Risk Guarantee & Payment Policy: Should you enroll in this training and decide that this program is not for you, the drop window for a full refund is two weeks (Sessions 1-4). If an emergency situation arises at any point that precludes you from completing the program, please contact us to discuss your options for deferred enrollment or cancellation.  After Session 4, cancellation with verified reason will result in payment due on a prorated basis up to week 8 after which no refunds will be possible. 


Upcoming Training Dates: 

FEBRUARY 17 2020 Start

Evening Sessions 7-9 PM ET



*ICF- International Coach Federation (coach
*CCE- Center for Credentialing Education (cce-global-org)
*IHCA-International Health Coach Association (
*NBHWC- National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (