The Swing’s the Thing! Re-Learning to Play

Work-Life Balance, for most people, might as well be called, Work-Work Balance. We work “at work” and then we “work more at home” and what falls down on our list… is Play.  Even if you are a stay-at-home parent or solopreneur, the to-do list seems never-ending. 

So let’s not talk about work-life balance shall we? Let’s talk about Work-Play balance. That is the Yin and Yang of this message.

It is an indisputable fact that we as health coaches work hard at what we do. At the same time, we know all work and no play makes for dull health coaching. So, I am asking you today, whether you work for yourself or you are coaching in the context of another job, how can  you bring more play to your day?

Play could possibly be one of the most important tools in your success kit.


What is play for you?  

I am not talking about play in the traditional sense particularly…but   there are ways to play every day, even in the course of your work life, that will stir up your juices and open up your mind & heart and nourish your soul!  This can be as simple as approaching your day in a playful way. Or taking a play break to give your mind a chance to recharge or see things from a new perspective. It could mean a dance break, using colored markers, having an outrageous brainstorming with your mastermind group, etc.

We are missing play! How many clients tell me they don’t even remember what “play” is? They are too busy to play with all they have to do. I encourage them to sit with their kids, set aside time to create the space for play. 

I know it is through play that I hit the pause button and can allow myself to recharge my batteries, to lift my spirits, to get inspired with new ideas… When I “Walk My Talk” in Play, my clients get the full benefit of me learning how to play again!

Do you remember playing as a kid? What games did you love? Who did you like to play with? How spontaneous were you in your play?

I was on my morning walk today and passed by a nearby playground. They have swings there. I stop and swing whenever I find myself in the neighborhood. It reminds me of the hours I used to just swing as a kid and feel free flying through the air. Powerful healing medicine!

As I was swinging today, a woman passed by and called out… I love the swings!

I responded, well, come and swing then! She said- Can’t– I will get in trouble!

I asked her why? She replied, I have to be at work…. and off she went.

I felt sad for her…. How different would her day go, if she just took two minutes to swing….

I blessed her on her way, sent her swinging energy and swung myself even higher.

Leaning all the way back, I watched the sky and trees go by….

I thought to myself… Well, this IS my work. How lucky am I?