My Thanksgiving Prayer for Coaches

Let Me…..

On this Day of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for each of you, my dear coaches and friends.

We are like-minded, like-hearted and soul-connected.

You inspire me through your vision and purpose to love and serve others… your families, friends, clients and the world.

In turn, so much of my meaning and purpose is to love and serve you and to support you in your greatness first as a person… and then as a coach.

Collectively, there is no doubt in my mind that we can raise the vibration of our planet… which really needs us now, more than ever. This state of dis-ease is calling for our attention and love.
This level of healing requires us each to release our fears, our small thinking & our resistances in order to create space for peace inside and out.
The more clarity and calm we have within, the more we will project this into the world. The more we collaborate in our vision for wellbeing the more we join and focus our energies together for healing.

On this day of Thanks-giving I share with you my 

                                               “Prayer for Allowing”   

Whether you officially celebrate this day as a holiday or not, may you find room in your heart each day for gratitude, for letting go of what no longer serves you and for giving yourself permission to stand in the fullness of who you are.   
Let me Be Healthy-Let me be Whole
Let me Be an Instrument of Peace
Let me See Beyond just what I See with my Eyes
Let me Hear what I am Meant to Understand
Let me Remember to always Breathe first
Let me Learn Something New
Let me Open my Heart to Love
Let me Take the Risk to Try
Let me Listen with my Heart
Let me Speak Kindly to Myself and Everyone
Let me Lavish Caring upon Myself 
Let me Walk my Talk
Let me Forgive Myself and Others
Let me Remember I am Love
Let me Acknowledge My Gifts and Share them with Others
Let me Love and Accept Myself More Passionately in each Moment
Let me Show Up for and be a Creator in my Life.
Let me Tune into my Wisest Self
Let me Be Led to Serve as I meant to
Let me Be Assured I have Everything I Need to Succeed within Me
Let me Allow Myself to be Truly, Authentically Me
Let me Know this is Enough to Heal Myself and the World
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
Go Quantum….