What if You Were On A Path Only You Could Walk?


You are.

It seems to me that we spend a lot of time worrying about the path we are on… Is it the right one or is the person next to us on a better path than we are.  The old “Compare and Despair.”

What if truly, your path was designed just for you. No one else could stand on your path if they tried because it was created just for you. And no other path could ever fit you. Not only during joyful times but challenging ones: hard days, days we don’t understand, days we feel defeated. Your feet, your path, your journey.

Not saying life is just a matter of pre-destiny or that others’ paths don’t inspire us. Not at all. We surely get to influence our path… and we do that most effectively if we have both feet squarely on it with our focus ahead.

How much of your daily mental bandwidth is taken up with not being present? Worrying about the future, ruminating about the past? How much focus and energy is available for the most important things in your life?  Imagine what might change if you could spend more time and energy here and now.  

Keeping your head and feet in the same place allows you to plan for the future and be better able to handle what comes up. It allows you to make peace with your past and learn from it compassionately .


Today… this moment… is your CHOICE point. What you choose in each moment will have an impact that will compound daily and influence the outcome of your life. It is that critical.

I love the expression: Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken. It always reminds me we are each unique…. with our own special gifts to deliver to the world. When we stay true to our path we stay true to our highest selves. Never mind who else is out there…. what they are doing or not doing.

Every day and at the end of your days the only questions that will be important are- Did you get the most out of YOUR life that YOU could. Did you honor YOUR gifts as fully as possible? Did YOU Learn? Did YOU Love?


Going Quantum With You!